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BN&NP Certification

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The United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties (UCNS)

History and Information

The UCNS was incorporated in March 2003. It is a non-profit professional medical organization sponsored by five parent organizations:.

* American Academy of Neurology
* American Neurological Association
* Association of University Professors of Neurology
* Child Neurology Society
* Professors of Child Neurology (see Child Neurology Society website)

The primary mission of the UCNS is to accredit training programs in neurologic subspecialties and to certify competence in physicians who have completed an accredited training program, with the goal of enhancing the quality of training benefiting both physicians and patients.

For more information on the accreditation process for Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry (BNNP) fellowship programs, please visit http://www.ucns.org/go/subspecialty/behavioral/accreditation

UCNS accepts accreditation applications throughout the year and reviews applications in the spring and fall. Accreditation applications and payment must be received by December 1 for spring review and June 1 for fall review. A list of accredited fellowship programs may be found at http://www.ucns.org/apps/directory/

Please contact Amanda Carpenter, Accreditation Manager, at 612-928-6399 or acarpenter@ucns.org with any questions.


For more information on obtaining certification in BNNP, please visit http://www.ucns.org/go/subspecialty/behavioral/certification

For a complete list of all BN&NP diplomates, please go to the UCNS website at http://www.ucns.org/go/subspecialty/diplomates

Please contact Todd Bulson, Certification Manager, at 612-928-6399 or tbulson@ucns.org with any questions.